martedì 10 luglio 2007


To bring you music is what I'm here for....

Well, I ain't gonna talk about the overestimated Classical music!

Today I gonna take you a trip through the "pagan" and poetic music of a group

“The Waterboys”

Born in the beginning of 80s’(1983), under the simple rule of doing nice music and wonderful lyrics.
1983: The Waterboys
1984: A Pagan Place:
1985: This Is the Sea
1988: Fisherman's Blues
1990: Room to Roam
2000: A Rock in the Weary Land
2001: Too Close to Heaven (issued as Fisherman's Blues, Part 2 in the United States)
2003: Universal Hall
After four years, finally they came back again with the album,
2007: Book of Lightning
This time I don’t feel like writing a lot, probably because the only way to discover this group is through listening. Furthermore, there are several difficulties finding links with their music in good quality.
I give you only two links (due to scarcity of good quality of songs on the web) but enjoy the music and feel the

Come with me
On a journey beneath the skin
Come with me
On a journey under the skin
We will look together
For the pan within.....

The pan within
(This video is not original, for this reason is not beautiful, but not their music)
This is the sea

Red Army Blues

Your SDJ ..... Stilianos Arhondakis

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