martedì 3 luglio 2007


You favourite SDJ [Scientific DJ] is back. Even if I’m not your favourite, I’m the only ONE, so you do not have any alternatives!

I can also understand that many of you may feel a bit uncomfortable of what I am going to write; well, in that case I have only a wise and precious advice for you:


Today the music trip will start with f€ew words upon the overestimated Classical music, and afterwards I will introduce you to the NEW Classical music, Electronic music!

Classical Music: just a musically poor passage.

Born during a period between the Baroque and the Romantic, by few known composers, i.e., Mozart, Beethoven, Clementi, Bach, called also “genius of music”. A music, that one should try to listen, and have respect. I tried (when I was able to resist to the sound that evokes), however, afterwards I always thought: “OVERESTIMATED”.

I guess that you have understood that I don’t feel part of this music, created from the so beloved and overestimated “genius” composers of the past. You may also think that what I have written is due to my ignorance towards the classical music. Well, it may be true, but sincerely I don’t care.

I am not here to fulfil your human expectation of being considered.

Society did its best to make us appreciate (poor feeling), and learn about these “genius fathers” of classical music, but nothing about their SONS, the new genius composers of music.

“Electronic music is not only a music created using devices, but a state of mind revolution, that travelled in every corner of the planet, and “sucked” the mind of million of people.”

Several composers, from Faithless, Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, Fatboy Slim, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Tobin have reached a level of music geniality overcoming that of their “fathers”.

A music, that unfortunately is also associated to different types of drugs (that’s you choice), and where as a consequence to be kept a certain “distance” of the society. Now try to listen (if you want) what follows, and since you are in the laboratory, I guess and I HOPE that you are not under the effects of some kind of natural/synthetic drugs!

Enjoy the trip!


DJ Krush:


Berlin 1998: 150 people gave the first party for love and peace.

10 years later, 1.500.000 people DANCE for EVERYTHING!

Love Parade

Music evolves by social and technological forces!

Stilianos Arhondakis AKA SDJ

1 commento:

Anton Dohrn café ha detto...

mmmmm... these "sons" don't seem to have learnt so much from their fathers. Where is the complexity that makes classical (and jazz as far as I am concerned) so interesting? maybe I am getting old...

Gabriele Amore

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